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Message from President
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First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your constant support to our company. Today's Japan and the global situation surrounding the country are going through major changes almost equal to the violent transition Japan went through at the Meiji Restoration and after the end of world War Two. In this time of changes, our company completed the so-called "one corporate cycle" of 30 years and has entered the second cycle of new creation. The company owes its growth to the support of many customers as well as relevant authorities. We pledge to cherish our connection with the customers and partners, and will spread our wings from our base in Omuta, Kyushu to the world while observing our principal "User First" policy. We also pledge to continue our quest to fulfill the company slogan of "becoming small yet globally-acknowledged company."

Our company will stand firm to our business policy and strive to make the full use of the accumulated technologies in order to develop user-friendly products with 3 essential factors - quality, cost and speed. Our company is taking parting public projects on road safety and hopes to contribute to the society by providing safer and environment-friendly products as a "company with values" in its involvement in the government's project on Intelligent Transport System(ITS). By gathering "wisdom" of our staff as stated in our business policy and exerting strength and flexibility to cope with changes in the social environment, our company and staff will steadily follow the path to create a company that can contribute to the traffic safety worldwide. With an "open mind free from fixed perception" as stated in the staff regulations, all our staff will unite in our constant efforts to think from customers' perspective and to seek attractive proposals as well as highly-valuable products. We ask for your continued support and guidance to our company.

Representative director Kouhei Itonaga


Business policy

To create human assets and gather wisdom
through business activities and
to contribute to society with traffic safety technology

Quality policy

We strive to develop products from users' viewpoint
and manufacture products that can win customers' trust
based on our business principles of quality, cost and speed.

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